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“Thanks to Steffi Jo I’m more honestly presenting myself  to the world. People are now able to easily understand who I am and develop a deeper more trusting relationship with me. ” – Jean M.

Your Essence

The English word essence is derived from the Greek adjective ousia, “being, substance.” Essence means “inner nature, true substance, a person’s qualities or attributes.” Some of these qualities of a person are visible and some are invisible.

Express Your Essence adapts the definition of Essence as being the inner nature and true substance of a person’s attributes orchestrated as distinct vibrations that identifies a person’s intrinsic uniqueness.

Expressing your Essence is understanding the vibrations of the Essence as identified in visual, kinesthetic and tactile terms, then using this knowledge to create, enhance and align a person’s inner and outer authentic nature consciously and purposefully for a more natural way of Being within their environment.

The foundation and presentation I bring to all my work begins with understanding the Essence Types. With this understanding we can connect to our authentic core in terms we use every day to describe and communicate what we want to create within ourselves and with others. It bridges the communication gap from our inner knowing and feelings into words that are easily expressed to others. Words are full of energy, just as you are, and just as everything else in this world.

How I Can Help You

I can’t wait to help you find and express your essence! Your brand will thank you for that! :)) Below are my current offerings. Read through and see which one is the best fit for you at this moment.

A 6 week-course to uncover your message through your fashion style


Isn’t this a question that most women have all asked at one time or another? Isn’t this something you ask when you are not quite feeling good about what you are wearing and you end up walking out the door anyway?

I CAN help you answer your own questions, about how you look in that outfit, before the next time you walk out your door, IF YOU ARE…

A woman ready to fully integrate your mission into everything you do, you are an entrepreneur, an independent woman or a woman who makes ‘stuff’ happen!

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In Their Words

Don’t take my word for it! Take a peek what peeps are saying about my work and how it impacted their lives! You are next 😉

The personal guidance I received from attending Steffi Jo’s seminar, and our personal time together made a solid impact. She is right on target with her process to identify one’s style, and the direct interpretation of that knowledge. As a result, I know I am more honestly presenting myself in a physical and appearance manner to the world. And because of that, I know that people who meet me are able to more easily understand who I am and develop a deeper more trusting relationship. This is a very powerful tool I have gained through Steffi Jo’s knowledge!

Jean M.

Thank you Steffi Jo for the time you spent with me in my closet! Your intuitive sense has helped me to understand my essence and my clothing designs. Knowing my type has made it so much easier for me to find outfits that I love. I used to dread to go shopping and now I love it!

Susan W.

Steffi Jo is a talented coach, who uses her skills of business owner, and Express Your Essence expert to support others in moving to their next level.

Joyce C.

I could never put a finger on it – why some days I felt fabulous and others just so so.  With Steffi Jo’s assistance, she illuminated for me that when my outer self is in alignment with my inner essence then it is much easier to get in the flow with life and meet the day with courage and strength.  I feel so fortunate to have Steffi Jo join me on my journey in living my very best life.  It was really simple – we went to my closet and I tried on clothes that worked and clothes that didn’t and I could see and feel the difference and immediately started incorporating Steffi Jo’s suggestions into my wardrobe.  I carry her message with me everyday.  I love love love that Steffi Jo is taping into her beautiful creative inner essence and sharing it with the world.  Thank you Steffi Jo – YOU ARE AMAZING!

Penny P.

Ready to Work Together?

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