Undress Your Essence

What if you could look behind and beyond your personality? What would you see? Can you imagine a light of possibility that breathes life within the infinity of you? You are beyond measurement; you are a microcosm of the universe within every cell of your body. No wonder we sometimes get separated from our true nature…there is so much within us to explore. It is easy to understand why we can forget... [Read more of this post]

What do you feed your garden?

 What do you feed your garden? Relationships are the foundation of everything we do in life. The first one of course is the one we have with ourselves. The experiences we have in life all come from   relations to others in some way. It is how we choose to be in relationship with others that determine the outcome of what we are looking for. There is a push-pull of energy, a give and receive, a yin-yang,... [Read more of this post]

Express Your Essence is Remodeling it’s Website

Express Your Essence is remodeling it’s website! Exciting times ahead for this New Year! My new website will reflect all my areas of Expression! I am passionate about Cultivating, Connecting and Creating in areas that bring together science, psychology, and spirituality. I am bringing back my love and fun of Dressing Your Essence as a guide in learning how to Cultivate your personality type... [Read more of this post]

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